Special Importance Archive 2003

Reporters Under Fire in Colombia

The Hell of El Modelo

LAWG advocacy update letter

Colombia This Week -- December 15, 2003

InfoBrief -- December 1, 2003

To Save a Village ...

The United States and Colombia, 2003: A look at the numbers

Colombia This Week - November 24, 2003

Colombia Three Await Verdict in Sham TrialA Putumayo life song

Colombia This Week - November 17, 2003

Colombia This Week - November 10, 2003

The Indigenous Struggle in the Chocó

InfoBrief -- November 3, 2003

Colombia This Week - November 3, 2003

Offbeat Leftist's New Take on Bogota

Senate May Debate Colombia Today! - LAWG Alert (10/28)

Colombia This Week - October 27, 2003

Double Defeat for Uribe as Colombia Turns Left

Colombia This Week - October 20, 2003

Three Variations on a Theme from Uribe

Colombia This Week - October 13, 2003

InfoBrief - October 13, 2003

Displacing Development in the Chocó

InfoBrief - October 6, 2003

Link to an excellent new Website from Chicago: The Colombia Observatory

InfoBrief - September 29, 2003

Colombia This Week - October 6, 2003

Colombia's Peace Bargain

SIGN ON - Letter to President Bush on TPS

InfoBrief September 22, 2003

Washington Finally Sees Uribe's True Colors

InfoBrief September 15, 2003

Ghosts of the Past

Colombia This Week -- September 8, 2003

For 3 Americans, a jungle prison

"PLAN COLOMBIA : Cashing-in on the Drug-War Failure" -- A 57-minute documentary about the US "War-on-Drugs" in Colombia

Colombia head 'endangers NGOs'

US Groups Respond to Colombian President’s Statements on Human Rights Defenders -- Vague Accusations Put Legitimate Civic Groups At Risk, Undercut Democratic Rhetoric

Tell the Senate that Colombia Aid Must Be Debated!

Colombia's Uribe Says Rights Groups 'Terrorists'

Colombia This Week -- September 8, 2003

New Name & Address for Colombia Report -- now called Colombia Journal; please bookmark <http://www.colombiajournal.org/>

The Weaknesses of U.S. Human Rights Monitoring in Colombia

Israel's Latin American trail of terror

Organize and Participate in Week for Peace Sept 7-14!

US's 'private army' grows - In Colombia and around the world, civilians are doing work formerly done by the military

InfoBrief- September 1, 2003

Paz Pacifico #14 (Publication on Afro Colombians)

Colombians Tell Their Story:The Real Impact of U.S. Foreign Policy - Upper Mid-West Speaking Tour, September 10 – 24, 2003 - Sponsored by the U.S. Office on Colombia with the support of Lutheran World Relief

New LAWG Publication: The Wrong Road outlines Colombian President Alvaro Uribe's controversial security policies [Please note the new LAWG website format]

A Terror State Called Democracy

The Massacre at Betoyes

InfoBrief- August 4, 2003

Colombia This Week -- July 28, 2003

US casualties on the rise in Colombia

July 24, 2003: ACTION NEEDED: Urgent Follow-up on Colombia Vote!

The Colombia vote is over (LAWG); Vote of each House member (CIP)

Grassroots Update: Colombia Vote Delayed Until Tomorrow (Wednesday, July 23) -- Still Time for Calls Tomorrow Morning!

Colombia This Week -- July 21, 2003

Colombia This Week -- July 14, 2003

Urgent: LAST CHANCE to Support House Vote to Switch Colombia Military Aid to HIV/AIDS Programs

What Cease-fire?

InfoBrief - July 14, 2003



U.S. Policies Consistently Undermine Human Rights

Colombia’s Humanitarian Crisis

URGENT ACTION -- July 8, 2003: On third anniversary of the signing of Plan Colombia, tell the Senate to debate and change Colombia policy!

Colombia This Week -- July 7, 2003

InfoBrief - July 7, 2003

Colombia declares war on its own Black citizens

InfoBrief- June 30, 2003



Colombia This Week, June, 30, 2003

The Referendum in Colombia: Democratic Participation or Endorsement of Dictatorship?

Court halts drug crop spraying

Colombian Fighters' [AUC] Drug Trade Is Detailed: Report Complicates Efforts to End War

InfoBrief- June 23, 2003

Colombia This Week, June, 23, 2003

Observatorio para la Paz en el Pacifico Colombiano

Infobrief - June 16, 2003

Colombia This Week -- June 16, 2003

Colombia This Week -- June 9, 2003

Women as Heads of Displaced Households in Colombia

Colombia: Annual Survey of Violations of Trade Union Rights (2003)

Bush Places Corporate Interests Over Human Rights

InfoBrief - May 26, 2003

Colombia This Week -- May 27, 2003

Colombia This Week -- May 19, 2003

Politicizing Human Rights in Cuba and Colombia

InfoBrief - May 19, 2003

Calling all Colombia Organizers! Soliciting your help...

Info-Brief, May 12, 2002

Colombia This Week, May 12, 2003

Info-Brief, May 5, 2002

Colombia This Week, May 6, 2003

Colombia's Other Enemy: Human Rights Workers

LAWG: Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to visit Washington April 30 as the push for STILL MORE military aid continues...

Colombia This Week, April 28, 2003

Letter to President Uribe: Protect Human Rights Defenders

Interview with Alexander Lopez

InfoBrief - April 21, 2003

Human Rights Watch Statement on Colombia's Talks with Paramilitary Groups

InfoBrief- April 14, 2003

Escalating U.S. Casualties in Colombia

Chicago appeal to sponsor upcoming conference: Natural Resource Exploitation and the Survival of Afro-Colombians - pdf file (requires downloadable Adobe Acrobat)

InfoBrief, April 7, 2003

Doing the US's Dirty Work

Colombia This Week -- April 7, 2003

Informers for a Day

Amnesty International - Statement on Colombia

Final Vote on McGovern/Skelton/DeLauro amendment on Colombia -- Follow Up

Colombia: Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - 2002 Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

InfoBrief, March 31, 2003

Colombia This Week, March 31, 2003

The SINTRAEMCALI-Uribe Showdown

Worthy and Unworthy Victims in Colombia's War of Terror

InfoBrief, March 24, 2003

Colombia This Week, March 24, 2003

InfoBrief, March 17, 2003

Colombia This Week, March 17, 2003

How Would Drug Legalization in the United States Affect Colombia?

Colombia This Week, March 10, 2003

Press Conference Bogotá, Colombia - Marc Grossman

The Andean drug industry: The balloon goes up

InfoBrief, March 3, 2003

The Slippery Slope Approaches in Colombia

Colombia This Week -- February 24, 2003

OVERVIEW OF U.S. POLICY TOWARD THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE -- State Department Congressional Testimony

Massacres Day in Washington


Coca Cultivation in Colombia - The Story Behind the Numbers

Legislative Update from LAWG

U.S. Troop Build-Up in Colombia: Analysis by CIP

InfoBrief - February 27

Colombia This Week -- February 24, 2003

The Battle for Saravena

InfoBrief, February 17, 2003

Colombia Military Aid Passed for 2003 Behind Closed Doors; Bush Issues Larger Request for 2004; Time to Gear Up for Next Debate! -- LAWG update

InfoBrief, February 10, 2003

Colombia This Week -- February 17, 2003

Colombia’s Neoliberal Madness

Colombia Is Bleeding

An Interview with Wilson Borja

The "War on Drugs" meets the "War on Terror"

Media Imbalance Amid Escalated Violence

A Plea for Peace

Colombia This Week -- February 10, 2003

InfoBrief -- February 3, 2003

U.S. Moves Closer to Colombia's War

Warrior Class: Why Special Forces are America's tool of choice in Colombia and around the globe

EE.UU. planea pedir en extradición a jefes de las Farc

Colombia This Week, February 3, 2003

New Book on Colombia

Colombia’s “Revolutionaries” and Their Helpers

Colombia General Denies Rights Violation

Colombia This Week, January 27, 2003

InfoBrief, January 27, 2003

State Department Report to Congress on Cano Limon Pipeline

Colombia: The Human Face of Conflict

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières Issues "Top 10" List of the Year's Most Underreported Humanitarian Stories

Colombia This Week, January 20, 2002

Colombians Flee War Without End

Violence as a Way of Life

Colombia Section of Human Rights Watch World Report 2003

New rules of engagement

Drug Production Soars Despite Plan Colombia

Colombia This Week, January 13, 2003

US Special Forces Give Colombians Anti-Terrorism Training


State Department Report to Congress on United States Policy Towards Colombia and Other Related Issues

A Plea for Peace

Link to several items on Human Rights Watch-Colombia website

Agent Green Over the Andes

Bush and Uribe Undermine UN Security Council

Colombia Court Declares Rehabilitation Zones Unconstitutional

Africa in the Midst of Latin America

InfoBrief, December 9, 2002

Colombia this Week, December 13, 2002

U.S. Concerned About Rise in Heroin Production in Colombia

Testimony of Adam Isacson, Center for International Policy, House Committee on Government Reform, December 12, 2002

Peace talks with the paramilitaries: four conditions for U.S. support, by the Center for Internatonal Policy, December 10, 2002

Colombia this Week, December 6

151 Trade Unionists Murdered in Colombia this Year

Link to latest Colombia Update (PDF Version only for now)