New Book on Colombia --


Massacres, Drugs, and America's War on Colombia

Robin Kirk

January 2003; ISBN 1586481045; $27.50; 336 pages


As a researcher for Human Rights Watch, Robin Kirk delved deep into the twisted, mazelike political environment of Colombia to find real human

stories amidst the myths and fabrications of La Violencia, the horrible war of fear and violence that has been raging in that country for over fifty

years. Her new book, More Terrible Than Death: Massacres. Drugs, and America's War in Colombia (PublicAffairs, January 2003), presents stories of

real people to illuminate how life exists in Colombia while the social, political, and economic devastation caused by La Violencia rages on.


The first book about the Colombian conflict written for a general audience, More Terrible Than Death holds special significance for the American public.

The book does not spare the United States its share of the blame for Columbia's tragic situation: The estimated 6 million Americans who use cocaine and heroin spend at least $46 billion a year on the drugs. This money, as well as the $7 billion per year sent in military aid to Colombia to fight the "war on drugs," gets recycled into the campaigns of terror that drive the struggle for control among Colombia's warring factions. Caught in

the crossfire are most Colombians, who are simply trying to stay alive.



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