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Protecting people or profit?

Colombia This Week -- December 13, 2004

Colombia and the War on Drugs - NPR Audio

Plan Colombia and Beyond

War and Hope in Colombia

Conference report: “Preparing for Peace: The Critical Role of Women in Colombia” (PDF)

ICEM Takes Public the Intimidation of Sintracarbon Leaders in Colombia

Colombia This Week -- December 6, 2004

A Conversation with Luis ‘Lucho’ Hernandez

Colombia This Week -- November 29, 2004

Analysis: Study shows U.S. losing drug war

Drugs and Democracy in Latin America: The Impact of U.S. Policy

Colombia This Week -- November 22, 2004

A Road Map for Peace in Colombia

President Bush's visit to Colombia

Colombia This Week -- November 15, 2004

Plan Colombia Benefits U.S. Oil Companies

U.S. Support for War of Terror in Arauca

Denying Entry to Unionists Confirms Colombia's Trade Union Harassment

8 Multinationals Commence Social Talks with Unions

Washington Votes for War in Colombia

Colombians Protest Economic Policies

Legislative Advocacy Update from Latin America Working Group, October 13, 2004

Statement from John Kerry on Colombia

"Scarred bodies, hidden crimes": Sexual Violence against women in the armed conflict

The Splintering of Colombia's AUC

Colombia This Week -- October 4, 2004

Colombian Army Selectively Targets Paramilitaries

Indigenous Mobilization in Colombia: Speaking Truth to People, Not Power

Colombia This Week -- September 27, 2004

Unabashed Media Support for U.S. Drug War

Colombia Forum #36

With Friends Like These . . .

PBS Special: How do Colombia's citizens manage to carry on in a country wracked by a half-century of civil war?

Colombia This Week -- September 13, 2004

Colombia This Week -- September 6, 2004

Colombia This Week -- August 31, 2004

Washington Has Lost Its Way in Colombia

Colombia locked in cycle of war-rights activist

  ---->El Tiempo article & Spanish text of speech by Jorge Rojas, President of Codhes

Colombia This Week -- May 17, 2000

Colombia This Week -- May 10, 2000

Plan Petroleum in Putumayo

Colombia creaks under Uribe crackdown

Colombia This Week -- May 4, 2000

Colombia This Week -- April 28, 2004

Unionists Targeted in Cali

Colombia This Week -- April 19, 2004

The general and his labyrinth

State Department Report Delivers a False Positive

The battle for Colombia

Colombia This Week -- April 5, 2004

The Ambiguous Nature of “Collaboration” in Colombia

Has U.S. aid benefited Colombia?

Letter to OAS Foreign Ministers on Paramilitary Demobilization Process

Colombia This Week -- March 29, 2004

The Ambiguous Nature of “Collaboration” in Colombia

Make your voice heard! Sign the national petition for a new US-Colombia policy

Colombia This Week -- March 22, 2004

Colombia This Week -- March 15, 2004

Old Domino's New Clothes

Colombia Human Rights Network Spring 2004 Speakers Tour - Focus on Cauca, Communities in Southwestern Colombia organizing to Resist Involvement in the Armed Conflict

Informe Anual del Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los Derechos Humanos sobre la situación de derechos humanos y derecho internacional humanitario en Colombia. (2003) -- links to various versions, Spanish & English

Children of Coca-Cola workers are targeted

MEPs Upstage Uribe

Colombia and the “War” on Terror: Rhetoric and Reality

Colombia Fumigation

Colombia This Week -- March 1, 2004

Report by US Institute of Peace: Civil Society under Siege in Colombia

(Un)Democratic (In)Security in Caquetá


New Reports Expose Hidden Failures of US Anti-Drug Policy in Colombia

Colombia This Week -- February 23, 2004

The Massacre at Alto Naya

Colombia This Week -- February 16, 2004

The Center for International Policy's Colombia Program is pleased to announce an ambitious new addition to its website: "Focus on Arauca and Putumayo."


Global Exchange/Fellowship of Reconciliation to Sponsor Speaking Tour of Ella Cecilia Flores Alvarez -- Sponsors Sought

Colombia: EU Should Hold Uribe to Rights Commitments

Colombia This Week -- February 9, 2004

Interview with an Assassin

Colombia This Week -- February 2, 2004

Colombia This Week -- January 12, 2004

Colombia’s Winds of Change

Colombia drug cartel suspect nabbed

FARC Leader Captured in Ecuador

UCC/DOC Church Partner in Colombia Threatened

Colombia This Week -- January 26, 2004

Kidnapped in Arauca

Assassination of SINTRAEMCALI leader in Cali, Colombia and a body guard

New video on Colombia, Plan Colombia - Cashing-In on the Drug War Failure, just released

Colombia This Week -- January 19, 2004


InfoBrief -- January 12, 2004

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