Colombia Human Rights Network

Spring 2004 Speakers Tour

Focus on Cauca, Communities in Southwestern Colombia organizing to Resist Involvement in the Armed Conflict



The speakers are Floro Tunubala, completing his first term as governor of Cauca and first indigenous leader ever to be elected to such an office, and Ludivia Giraldo, social psychologist experienced in community-building processes with displaced populations and trained in human rights, international humanitarian law and refugee rights.


They will visit the following cities:


March 27 - April 31 Washington DC

April 1 - April 6 Boston and vicinity: Cambridge, Newton, Framingham,

  Waltham, Worcester, Brookfield

April 7 - April 11 New York City

April 12 - April 14 San Francisco, Monterey

April 15 - April 17 Seattle

April 18 - April 20 Ames, Des Moines


To take part or for Information about local events, please contact tour Coordinator Maria Hope, tel: 319.354.3277 (evenings/weekend). If you wish to contact local coordinators given below, always please copy Maria Hope.


Washington DC -- Cristina Espinel, Colombia Human Rights Committee


Boston and vicinity -- Cathy Crumbley, Colombia Vive

Brookfield -- Rudy Heller


New York -- Victoria Maldonado, Colombia Media Project



San Francisco -- Natalia Lopez, CHIBCHA


Monterey -- Marco Poehner


Seattle -- Colombia Seattle Committee

Christopher Strawn

Diana Leal


Ames -- Jeff Hall, Alliance for Global Justice

Des Moines -- Kathleen McQuillen, AFSC