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Newsletter - Boletín

Spring/Summer 1999 - Primavera/Verano 1999

Articles - Artículos

Human Rights Defenders, Civilians, Targets of Armed Actions

Overview of Key Armed Actors

U.S. Congress in Colombia to look at Rights, Peace Process

Congressman Delahunt, Others, Meet with FARC

Recent Mass Kidnappings by the ELN

Permanent Assembly of Civil Society for Peace of Antioquia, rejects the ELN kidnappings

The Urrá hydroelectric project: Embera-Katío leader assassinated, mass asylum sought in Spain, protests in Sweden

Background on the Urrá hydroelectric project

Amazonian Indians Seek to Revoke U.S. Patent On Sacred Plant, Granted to U.S. Citizen

Excerpt letter from Carlos Castaño to the Instituto Popular de Capacitación, of Medellín

Recent Attacks and Threats Against the Peace Communities and NGOs in the Urabá region

Indigenous solidarity activists murdered by FARC

The Hawai`i Protocol and Statement of Petition in Regards to the Deaths of Lahe`ena`e Gay, Ingrid Washinawatok, and Terence Freitas

Paramilitary Advances in Norte de Santander Denounced by the Displaced

Colombian Refugees Flee to Venezuela, But Are Coerced into Returning

Human Rights Defenders Targeted: Attacks on the IPC and the CSPP

Violence Statistics

Verdict of Canadian Tribunal About Human Rights Abuses in Colombia

U.S. Human Rights Policy Towards Colombia Advances

U.S./Colombia Coordinating Office Up and Running

Fall 1999 Activities of the Colombia Human Rights Network and U.S./Colombia Coordinating Office

Spring Tour of Colombia Human Rights Network: Human Rights Defenders under Threat in Colombia



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