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5 September 2002


Further information on UA 187/02 issued on 20 June 2002 - Fear for




Luis Enrique Imbachi (m), Former acting President of Sindicato de

Trabajadores de las Empresas Municipales de Cali

(SINTRAEMCALI), Cali Municipal Service Workers Trade Union

Other members of SINTRAEMCALI

New names:

Alexandre Lopez Maya (m), Congress representative and former


Luis Hernandez (m), President of SINTRAEMCALI



Serious concerns remain for the safety of the members of Sindicato

de Trabajadores de las Empresas Municipales de Cali

(SINTRAEMCALI), the Trade Union of Municipal Service Workers of

Cali, following a bomb attack on one of the trade union's meeting

places in the city of Cali in Valle del Cauca Department.


On 3 September at around 11am, a highly destructive bomb exploded

in a building owned by the Bodega Navarro de la Gerencia de

Acueducto y Alcantarillado, a publicly owned company on whose

premises SINTRAEMCALI trade unionists hold their meetings.

Fortunately at the time of the explosion no one was in the area.


After the explosion, leaders of SINTRAEMCALI went to the area to

check the damage caused by the bomb. Whilst there, they the

noticed the presence of a man on a motorcycle, who was taking

photographs and filming them.


Amnesty International is also concerned about alleged reports of a

video tape currently said to be in the possession of state security

forces. The tape allegedly shows army-backed paramilitaries

declaring their intention to carry out attacks on Alexandre Lopez

Maya, Congress representative and former member of

SINTRAEMCALI, Luis Hernandez, president of SINTRAEMCALI, and

other members of the trade union's board.


SINTRAEMCALI is currently campaigning against the privatization of

Cali's electricity, water, sewage and telecommunications utilities.

During this campaign, members of the armed forces and other

sectors have accused SINTRAEMCALI members and supporters of

having links with armed opposition groups in a 'terrorist plot' to

destabilize the city. They have also reportedly accused

SINTRAEMCALI members of planting the bomb themselves.


Amnesty International has received no further information regarding

attempts on the life of Luis Enrique Imbachi, former acting president




- expressing concern for the safety of Alexandre Lopez Maya, Luis

Hernandez and all SINTRAEMCALI members in Cali, Valle del Cauca


- calling for a full and impartial investigation into the attack on the

building used by the SINTRAEMCALI trade union, and into the

threats against their leaders, with the results made public and those

responsible brought to justice;

- asking the authorities what action they will take to guarantee the

safety of those at risk, and calling for the Ministry of the Interior's

protection program for trade unionists to be adequately resourced in

order to guarantee effectively the security of those at risk;

- calling for a full and impartial investigation into links between the

security forces and paramilitary groups operating in Valle del Cauca

Department, and asking that the results of the investigation are made

public and those found responsible for supporting and participating in

such groups are brought to justice;

-urging the authorities to take immediate action to dismantle

paramilitary groups, in line with stated government commitments and

United Nations recommendations.



President of the Republic:

Senor Presidente Alvaro Uribe Velez

Presidente de la Republica

Palacio de Narino

Carrera 8 No.7-26

Santafe de Bogota, COLOMBIA

Telegram: Presidente de la Republica, Bogota, Colombia

Fax: 011 57 1 566 2071 / 571 3420592

Salutation: Dear President Uribe / Excmo. Sr. Presidente Uribe


National Advocate for the people:

Sr. Eduardo Cifuentes Munoz

Defensor del Pueblo, Defensoria del Pueblo

Calle 55, No. 10-32/46 office 301

Santafe de Bogota, COLOMBIA

Telegrams: National Advocate, Bogota, Colombia

Fax: 011 57 1 640 0491 / 346 1225

Salutation: Dear Mr. Cifuentes Munoz / Estimado Sr. Cifuentes



Attorney General:

Dr. Luis Camilo Osorio

Fiscal General de la Nacion, Fiscalia General de la Nacion

Diagonal 22B 52-01 (Ciudad Salite)

Santafe de Bogota, COLOMBIA

Telegrams: Fiscal General, Bogota, Colombia

Fax: 011 57 1 570 2022 / 2017 (if someone answers say 'me da

tono de fax por favor')

Salutation: Dear Dr. Osorio / Estimado Dr. Osorio



Trade Union Confederation:

Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Colombia

Calle 35 N0 7-25, Piso 9

Santafe de Bogota, COLOMBIA


Ambassador Luis Alberto Moreno

Embassy of Colombia

2118 Leroy Pl. NW

Washington DC 20008

Fax: 1 202 232 8643



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