Colombia & related events in New York and Massachusetts

Oct. 29:

CRISIS IN COLOMBIA: Slide Show and Discussion by photojournalist Jim

Harney. Monday, October 29 at 7 p.m. at the Connolly Branch Library,

433 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain. For info. call 617-522-1960.

Jim has recently spent 2 1/2 months travelling in Colombia photographing

Colombians affected by Plan Colombia. For over 20 years he has travelled

in Central and South America--in El Salvador, Guatemala, Chiapas.

(The event will be in English and Spanish).


Nov. 1:

Deadline to apply for the SOA Watch/ Witness for Peace

Student Delegation to Colombia, Jan 11 -21. More details below or check the web site:


Nov. 3:

Benefit for Lori Berenson:

music, poetry, and a visit from Lori's parents Mark and Rhoda.

St. John's Methodist Church, 80 Mt Auburn St.(across from Starbuck's),

Watertown at 8:00 PM, for this event.

(#71 bus from Harvard Sq., or #57 bus from Kenmore Sq.).

Tickets are $15, $12 in advance (617/926-0088). Volunteers needed.

More details below.


Nov. 11:

Colombia Vive Monthly Meeting

Sunday Nov. 11, 5 p.m., 60 Rice Street.


Nov. 1: Deadline to sign up for SOA Watch/WFP Student Delegation

to Colombia:


Witness for Peace & SOA Watch Announce<?/color>

Student Delegation to Colombia

Understanding & Challenging U.S. Military

Policy in Colombia

January 11-21, 2002

Colombia: In the South American country of

Colombia, U.S taxpayer money is being used to

escalate a civil war, massively displace civilians, strengthen a military

with a horrible human rights record (and clear ties to vicious

right-wing paramilitaries), destroy critical

bio-diversity in the Amazon basin, and more!

Colombia has endured almost four decades of brutal armed conflict

between the national army, leftist guerrilla movements, and right-wing paramilitary

forces. Overwhelmingly, the victims of this conflict have been civilians. Into this situation, the U.S. government has sent over $1

billion in mostly military aid, ostensibly to fight the "war on drugs."


  3 of every 5 unionists murdered in the world is Colombian

  Since 1985, 2 million people have been internally displaced. 45% are children.

  75% of the conflict's victims are civilians



  This delegation is a response to calls for solidarity from Colombian labor

  organizers, environmental activists and human rights organizations, who know this aid package will only escalate

  their country's violent conflict.


  Meet with a wide range of experts and activists to hear their analysis

of U.S. policy in Colombia.

  Learn about the economic roots of Colombia's conflict.

  Talk with labor organizers who face violent repression for their

work. Learn about the US companies involved.

  Hear testimonies of displaced people, students and

others directly affected by the conflict.

  Travel to areas outside of Bogotá to see first-hand the impact of U.S.

military assistance.

  Gather the tools and the skills you will need to work on changing

U.S. policy when you return to your community.


For an application and more

information, contact:

Sarah Bonia-Dobyns at (303)443-8178 or

OR Elizabeth Miller at (202)588-1471 or

This is a special delegation with space for only 20 participants.


Please submit your application by November 1, 2001 with a $100

deposit. All young people may apply. (Contact us with questions or



Cost: $1180 plus airfare. This includes all meals, accommodations,

facilitation, translation, and transportation in Colombia (including

in-country airfare). Your fee also covers briefing materials and extensive

training in Miami.


Financial assistance: Don't let the cost discourage you! Though

scholarship funds are limited, fundraising consultation is available.

Applicants needing financial assistance have a very successful track

record of raising the needed funds. You can do it, just call us!


Check out and for

information on School of the Americas Watch and Witness for Peace.


Nov. 3: Lori Berenson Benefit:


Dear Friends,



  I invite you to join us on Saturday November 3, 2001 for an evening of

music and poetry in English and Spanish, to benefit the cause of Lori

Berenson, political prisoner in Peru. She has been in prison for five years,

and is sentenced to another fifteen. Her cause has been taken up by Amnesty

International. Letters have been sent to President Alejandro Toledo, signed

by a large number of members of the US Congress and an impressive list of

influential policymakers, academics and artists. Even President Bush has

argued on her behalf to the new president of Peru: still she remains in jail.



  I urge you to find out about the injustice that has been visited upon

this North American activist and journalist in two sham show trials that make

a mockery of anyone's concept of justice. The website is a

place to start. Also a piece in this month's Boston Magazine explores the

issues around her continued incarceration.


  I hope you will join us on Nov. 3, at St. John's Methodist Church, 80 Mt

Auburn St.(across from Starbuck's), Watertown at 8:00 PM, for this event.

(#71 bus from Harvard Sq., or #57 bus from Kenmore Sq.). Tickets are $15, $12

in advance (617/926-0088). We also need volunteers to help in various ways to

make this a grand occasion.


  We are very honored that Mark and Rhoda Berenson, Lori's parents, will

join us for the event. They have stood by her steadfastly through this

ordeal, and have devoted their lives to making her predicament known. They

will update us on her situation. Umass-Amherst English professor and Latino

poet-extraordinaire Martin Espada will read for us. Mili Bermejo and Dan

Greenspan will offer us songs of a Latin American jazz and folk mix. Dean

Stevens will offer us original and traditional songs in English and Spanish.


  Please join us, and spread this Email far and wide to your Boston Area

friends and networks.


  I look forward to seeing you there. Best Wishes and Thanks,