Boston Area EVENTS: November


WED. Nov. 13


Plan Colombia & the Andean Initiative:

Anti-Terrorist or State Terrorism?



* Professor Jean Jackson,

MIT Anthropology Program



November 13, Wednesday, 5 pm

MIT E38-615


Professor Jackson has spent thirty years doing research

in Colombia. Her report last year to the Human Rights

Committee of the American Anthropological Association

is here:


Nov. 15-17:

From: "SOA Watch" <>


Important Information regarding the Massive Convergence at Fort Benning,

Georgia, November 15-17 to Shut Down the School of the Americas -




Please forward this email and the Call to Action for the November vigil

action ( ) to your family and



Download and print the outreach material that we have available for you on

our webpage.

- November Vigil and other Fliers:

- November Organizing Packet:

- The Fall 2002 Newsletter:


SAT. Nov. 16:

Videos by Mexican Indigenous Communities


*Chiapas Media Project*


Sat., November 16, 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Mama Gaia's Café, 401 Mass. Ave.

Central Square, Cambridge, MA

Intersection of Main St., Columbia St. & Mass. Ave.

Central Squ. T stop, red line


* Free admission *

* Food and beverages can be purchased at the Café *


Videos to be screened include:

* Zapata’s Garden

* Song of the Earth: Traditional Music from the Chiapas Highlands

* Walking Towards the Dawn: Memory, Resistance and Hope of

Communities Displaced by War in Chiapas

* Reclaiming Justice: Guerrero’s Indigenous Community Police

(descriptions of videos below)


Chiapas Media Project director Alexandra Halkin will be present to discuss

the roles of indigenous-produced media in the context of the current

political situations in southern Mexico.


Event sponsored by:

* Tonantzín: Boston Committee to Support the Native Peoples of Mexico,


* Mama Gaia's Cafe, 617-441-3999,

* Chiapas Media Project,



The Chiapas Media Project is a bi-national collaboration

that provides video and computer equipment and training to

indigenous and campesino communities in Southern Mexico.





TUES. Nov. 19:

Boston Global Action Network Monthly Forum:


Plan Colombia and the FTAA.


Speakers include Newell Hendrickson,

who traveled to Colombia this year on a WPF Delegation,

and Anna Hendrickson, who took part in the Protests against the FTAA

in Quito, Ecuador, ealier this month.

November 19, 6:30 - 8:30 pm,

Central Square Branch, Cambridge Public Library.

45 Pearl Street, Cambridge.