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  On July 20-22, a major conference against Plan Colombia will

  be held in El Salvador. The International Action Center is

  an endorser of the conference and is planning to send a




  COLOMBIA AND LATIN AMERICA is being organized by a number of

  major groups in El Salvador, including the FMLN. Significant

  and broad layers of leaders and organizations from

  throughout Latin America and the U.S have endorsed it.


  Some endorsers include Nobel Prize winner Adolfo Perez

  Esquivel; Eduardo Galeano; and Rigoberta Menchu from Latin

  America, and Jose Saramago from Portugal. From the U.S.

  Ramsey Clark, Mumia Abu Jamal, Noam Chomsky and Prof. James

  Petras have endorsed. Anti-war organization from Europe

  OSPAAL, the Martin Luther King Center from Cuba, Ahmed

  BenBella from Algeria, and a number of groups from

  Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico are endorsing and sending



  The objective of the conference is to shed light on the

  devastating effects of Plan Colombia, not only for the

  nation of Colombia but all of Latin America. The conference

  should be a resounding message against the militaristic

  plans of the Bush Administration.


  With the belligerent tone and attitude of U.S. imperialism,

  support for this conference and all efforts against Plan

  Colombia are of great importance.


  The IAC calls on its supporters to support this effort in

  the following manner:


  1. Endorse the conference. Your organization or your name

  can be added to the list of endorsers by sending an email to


  You can access the conference on the following web site for

  more information:


  2. Send a representative to the conference. Costs from New

  York City are about $1,000-1,200 which includes approx.

  costs for airfare, conference registration and estimated

  costs of hotel. The conference registration is $100 but

  includes a meal and transportation to and from airport.


  3. If you can't attend the conference, please send a

  contribution to the IAC to help send representatives. Your

  generous contribution can help the IAC continue its

  important work against Plan Colombia. Send checks to the IAC

  at 39 West 14th St., Room 206, NY, NY 10011. Make checks

  out to the IAC and memo it: "El Salvador Conference".


  If you would like more information about the conference or

  about the IAC's work on Colombia, please call the IAC at



  Stop Plan Colombia!




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